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Saas management platform

Data Management Platform

Use UAS to monitor the situation, collect and collate data or analyze data from customers to form a report to help customers to reduce maintenance costs. Our platform provides one-stop management system, one application can manage all your data, reports, videos and more!


Our aerial IR inspection process involves dual RGB and infrared sensors to analyze images using our AeroSolar algorithm based on pattern detection and machine learning to identify hotspots or module malfunctions during the pv inspection phase.

Precision Measurement

Our image processing algorithm provides accurate measurements for each anomaly. Aerospec’s method has been verified through a rigorous testing procedure, assisting us in ensuring an efficient design process, smooth pre-construction phase, and proper maintenance.


Preventative Maintenance

Aerospec Technologies conducts drone inspections of critical infrastructure across multiple industries. Our expert-piloted drones improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of preventative maintenance procedures, optimizing partner assets more than traditional methods.

Solar PV Inspection:

We have dedicated experts that work to perfect
our drone’s pv inspection results, ensuring optimal
performance of your solar assets.

Wind Turbine Inspection:

Our wind turbine blade inspection services
enable wind farm asset operators to efficiently
monitor and track the condition of their blades.

About Us

Aerospec Technologies is a Houston-based UAS technology company developing an intelligent three-axis flight control system that autonomously collects high-quality data in the energy industry while making operations safer and more efficient.

By working closely with industry leaders, we pride ourselves in delivering data-driven results to help clients optimize operation and maintenance process. The insights from our wind and solar drone inspection services allow clients to improve operation safety and reduce maintenance costs. Safety is our top priority and core to all our industrial applications.

Why Choose Us?

  • Completed over 1,000 successful missions with zero incidents
  • FAA Certified UAS pilots with extensive industry experience
  • FLIR Thermography Level I Certified expert support
  • Scanned over 1.5 GW globally

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